432 – How to Pipe Buttercream Roses / طريقة عمل الورد بالكريمة

May 10, 2016 | Desserts

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A – Prepare the Buttercream
1 – Watch the video on how to make this buttercream
2 – We are going to use red coloring for the roses and green for the leaves

B – Prepare your tools
3 – To pipe roses you need the following tools: plastic piping bag, scissors, piping tip (#104 for the petals), flower nail, wooden box to hold the nail, Kitchen shears (which are scissors to lift the flowers)
4 – First cut the tip of the piping bag, then insert the plastic tip holder. Place the rose petal piping tip on it, and seal.
5 – Fill the piping bag with the butter cream so it’s about 1/3 full – don’t overfill it!
6 – Roll the top of the piping bag around your index finger so that you can control it better. Now let’s start piping on the flower nail!

C – Pipe roses
7 – First, pipe the base of the rose, a nice wide blob of icing in the center of the nail.
8 – Next, pipe the bud of the rose. The narrow end of the tip should be up – just make a circle around the icing blob.
9 – It’s petals time! Pipe an arch from left to right – at the same time, turn the flower nail counter-clockwise.
10 – For the first row start each petal from where the last petal finished. But in the next rows, the petals should overlap to hide any opening between them.
11 – Once you have piped as many petals as you like, time to lift the rose off the nail! Use the pair of kitchen shears to gently cut the rose from the bottom, and gently move it to your wooden board.
12 – Let’s watch this one more time!
Pipe a nice large base
Pipe the bud of the rose
Pipe the first row of petals – Pipe arches from left to right, while turning the nail counterclockwise!
and fill in the rose with as many petals as you want!
Use the kitchen shears to move your rose!
13 – You got it? Let’s watch again!

D – Beautify your cupcake
14 – You need a cupcake and cream cheese frosting, watch the other videos on how to make them!
15 – One you put a layer of cream cheese frosting on the cupcake, place the roses on top!
16 – With the tip #352, let’s make some leaves! Hold it straight, pipe the green butter cream, and just jiggle it a bit… and magic, you got a leaf!

Things to remember!
17 – This is my first trial – so here are the mistakes to avoid!
18 – Make sure the base is wide and strong!
19 – Don’t forget to twist the flower nail – it’s half of the work!
20 – Practice piping arches with one hand, and turning the nail with the other hand! My first rose is not bad!
21 – Time to move it with the kitchen shears. My base was not too high, so that was a problem! I didn’t have space to cut the rose!
22 – When you put the rose on the board, you actually need to open those scissors!!! Oops.. and my rose is gone!
23 – Let’s do it again!
24 – This time is better! Practice, practice, practice… that’s the magic trick!
Bon appetite!

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