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Aug 16, 2016 | Tajines, Top 10

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Top 10 Moroccan tagines:

Moroccan cuisine is known for its numerous tagine dishes. Tagine is the name of the clay pot where the food, usually a protein (chicken, meat, fish) and a vegetable or fruit topping (potatoes, carrots, dried prunes, dried apricots, etc.), is slow-cooked in a flavorful sauce.

Below are my favorite Moroccan tagines! Make sure to try them when you visit Morocco, or follow my step-by-step video recipes and make them at home!


1- Beef Tagine with Prunes

Beef Tagine with Prunes is a classic Moroccan dish of meat topped with dried prunes cooked in a honey sauce.  Sweet and savoury flavors are highly appreciated in Moroccan cuisine and this dish is the best representation of it. It is usually served in special occasions like weddings but is also often prepared at home especially when you have family and friends over.

2- Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons are a staple Moroccan ingredient; they are usually used in salads or tagines… Chicken tagine with preserved lemons is one of the most delicious tagines in Moroccan cuisine and it really showcases the unique flavor of this condiment. This tagine is sometimes topped with french fries… the perfect topping!

3- Tagine of Meatballs and Eggs

Meatballs and eggs tagine is a must on a Moroccan sunday brunch! It’s one of the quickest and easiest tagines to make, that’s maybe the reason why this tagine is mostly prepared by single men in Morocco! It’s the bachelor’s tagine!!

4-  Mrouzia

M’rouzia is a sweet lamb tagine that is usually prepared the second day of Eid Al-Adha (lamb feast). The rich flavors of the sweet and savory are enhanced with Ras-El-hanout, the Moroccan spice mix that contains more than 20 spices!

5- Fish Tagine With Vegetables

This is a wonderful classic Moroccan fish recipe that is easy, yummy, and healthy! The fish and vegetables are first marinated in ‘Charmoula’, the famous Moroccan marinade, then slow-cooked. So delicious!

6 – Beef Tagine with Green Peas

This tagine is often prepared during winter when green peas are in season. It is also paired with fresh artichoke hearts when available. Moroccans often prepare this dish at home for regular lunches and dinner!

7- Tagine Sardine Kefta

Sardines are the main fish in Morocco and are highly appreciated grilled, fried, or in kefta (ground meat) format! Moroccans love this tagine, especially during the hot summer days, as it is easy to make and you can not beat the taste of sardine kefta balls with flavorful tomato sauce!

8 – Berber Vegetable Tagine

People do not think of tagines as a vegetarian meal option, but the Berber Vegetable Tagine is a Moroccan staple dish. Not everyone can afford to purchase meat; however, this does not stop them from making a delicious tagine with available vegetables and charmoula sauce. The colors and flavors of this tagine will make you want to become vegetarian!

9 – Chicken Tagine with Apricots

This tagine is the chicken version of the Meat with Prunes tagine. Moroccan prepare to pair the delicate sweet dried apricot taste with chicken. Another successful showcase of the sweet and savory characteristic of Moroccan cuisine!

10- And you, what is YOUR FAVORITE tagine that is not in this list?  


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