565- Sable with Jam – Gluten Free / السابليه بالمربى خالية من الغلوتين

Sep 3, 2017 | Desserts, Gluten Free Recipes

Prep time :

1 Hour

Cook time :

15 minutes

Serves :

20-30 single layer cookies

Complexity :


Ingredients :

Plain sable cookie dough
Apricot or strawberry jam
Powdered sugar

Egg Wash:
1 egg yolk
1/2 teaspoon orange blossom water (or just water)

Directions :

1- Follow the instructions in the plain sable cookies recipe until step 11. Spread a bit of jam inside the cookies with a solid surface.



2- Combine the two cookies with the hole being on top. Sift powdered sugar on the top of the cookies with a hole. This is an optional step, you can also just keep them.


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