731- Strawberry Smoothie Bowl / سموثي بول بالفواكه الحمراء

Jun 25, 2019 | Desserts

Prep time :

15 minutes

Cook time :

Serves :


Complexity :


Ingredients :

Céréales muesli floconneux CARREFOUR

80 grams strawberries 

80 grams raspberries

1 large banana

110 grams of yogurt, plain (1 cup)

100 ml milk 

1 teaspoon of honey

1 tablespoon dried shredded coconut

Directions :

1- Peel the banana and cut into small pieces. 

2- Cut the strawberries into pieces.

3- Place the fruit in an airtight box and put in the freezer overnight or until completely frozen.

4- In a blender, place frozen fruits, milk, yogurt, and honey.

5- Mix gradually until you have a smooth and thick texture.

6- Place in a bowl and set the decoration in a row according to your desires with Céréales muesli floconneux CARREFOUR, strawberries, raspberries and grated coconut.

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