Alia’s Tips: How to Cut a Pomegranate

Feb 23, 2015 | Tips

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Ingredients :

  • Pomegranates

Directions :

How can we choose a good pomegranate?
1- The fruit should be as brightly colored as possible, it has to have a ‘healthy look’. Also, choose a pomegranate that is large, which mean it has a higher portion of pulp.
2- The pomegranate should also be heavy, which means that it will have more juice.
3- Finally, look at the skin and make sure that it is hard, red, and shiny, with no cracks.
4- Now we are going to cut the pomegranate without making a mess.
5- First, using a sharp knife, quarter the pomegranate.
6- Place the pomegranate quarters in a large bowl of water. Using your hand, start getting the pomegranate seeds, out from their skin – under water of course, so you avoid juice staining.
7- You will notice that the pomegranate seeds will sink to the bottom, while the white membrane will be floating to the top.
8- Skim off the white membrane with your hand.

Step 2:
1- Now all you have to do is drain the water from the pomegranate seeds using a sieve.
2- Serve the pomegranate as is, in a juice, in a salad, or in many other recipes.
And That’s it – until next time!

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