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CookingWithAlia featured in “Likol Annissa” Moroccan magazine – Click for Interview and Recipes

Alia host and guest judge in Master Chef Poland season 2! Episodes 12, 13, and 14

CookingWithAlia in Korean TV – Finalist of “Seoul, My Recipe” international competition

Dannon Oikos Holiday CookBook – December 2012 CookingWithAlia, pages 3-6

TV Chefs: Meet YouTube’s Next Bourdains and Deens – TV Chefs

Hot Chocolate Hits – Interview with Alia

CookingWithAlia featured in pages 6-17 – Beram & Tagine

Azizah Magazine – Azizah Magazine

Arab-American Women Build Online Cooking Ventures

CookingWithAlia in TelQuel Magazine:


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