322 – Cheese Walnut Spring Rolls Recipe / لفائف الجبن واللوز

Feb 23, 2015 | Appetizers

Prep time :

Cook time :

Serves :


Complexity :

Very easy

Ingredients :


  • 7 oz (200 grams) creamy cheese (any type you like)
  • 1/2 cup raw unsalted walnuts
  • 1 egg lightly beaten (to close the springrolls)
  • Vegetable oil for frying


Directions :


Step 1: Preparing the Ingredients
1- Using a sharp knife, chop the walnuts into small pieces.
2- n a bowl, mix the cream cheese with a fork. You can use goat cheese, or any creamy cheese of your choice.
3- Add the chopped walnuts and mix well.
4- In a separate bowl, lightly beat an egg.

Step 2: Rolling the Cigars (Briwat)
1- Now, let’s get rolling!
Here is my warka – it’s home made, just check my video on how to make it yourself!
Since my warka is very thin, I am using two sheets superposed.
2- Put some of the cheese mixture in the edge of the warka closest to you
3- Roll the edge of the warka over the filling, fold both sides of the warka to the center, then roll the edge that contains the filling as if you were rolling a carpet.
4- Brush the edge with the egg… finish rolling and VOILA. It’s ready!

Step 3: Frying the Springrolls!
1- On medium heat, heat some vegetable oil in a frying pan
2- Once hot, place the spring rolls in the oil. Fry for a few minutes from all sides, until they get a beautiful golden brown color.
3- Once ready, place the spring rolls in paper towel to absorb excess oil.And that’s it…
4- Drizzle with honey and serve immediately. Enjoy these crunchy, cheesy, nutty spring rolls… YUMMMY!
Bon appetite!


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