054 – Moroccan Cabbage Salad

Feb 24, 2015 | Salads

Prep time :

Cook time :

Serves :

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Ingredients :

1 cabbage (approximately 2 pounds)
1/4 cup of chopped cilantro
1/4 cup of chopped parsley
1 tablespoon of cooking oil
1 teaspoon of crushed garlic
1 teaspoon of paprika
1 teaspoon of cumin
1 teaspoon of salt (to taste)
1/4 teaspoon of pepper (to taste)
1 teaspoon of vinegar (or lemon juice)

Directions :

Put the cabbage in boiling water for 20 minutes.
After 20 minutes, drain the water from the cabbage and reserve.
On medium heat, drizzle the oil in your pan and add the cabbage. Mash the cabbage for few minutes with a wooden fork.
After all the spices to the cabbage and continue mashing it for 10 minutes.
Add the parsley and cilantro to the cabbage, and continue mash it for 15-20 minutes until you get a smooth consistency.
Taste the cabbage and adjust the spices according to your taste. Add the vinegar (or the lemon juice). Mix well and serve.
The cabbage salad is served hot with bread. Enjoy!

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