433 – How to Pipe Orange Blossom Flowers / طريقة عمل الزهر بالكريمة

May 29, 2016 | Desserts

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Directions :

A – Prepare the Buttercream
1- Watch the video on how to make this buttercream
2- We are going to use red coloring for the roses and green for the leaves

B – Prepare your tools
3- Prepare the piping bags:
4- we need white butter cream with a 59S tip
5- orange cream with a #5 tip
6- green cream with a #2 tip
7- yellow cream with a #16 tip

C – Pipe roses
8- First, pipe the base of the orange blossom flower, a nice wide blob of white icing in the center of the nail.
9- Next, pipe the petals from the center and out. There are 5 petals total… and your first flower is done. Now, in the center of the flower, pipe the yellow heart.
10- Make more… here I am trying my first flowers. A few pointers: the piping tip with the white buttercream has to be vertical like a comma punctuation.
11- when you are piping the petals, make sure your hand is steady and pipe them out in one take without shaking your hand.
12- Ice your cupcake with cream cheese frosting, then place the blossom flowers on top.
13- Now, pipe 2 oranges. These are just round small blobs of orange buttercream.
14- Finally, let’s pipe closed blossom flowers. First pipe little green balls, then top them with little white balls. That’s how closed flowers look.
15- End with small leaves on top of the oranges and around the flowers.
16- And here you have it – the first cupcake in the world that is decorated with buttercream orange blossom flowers!!!
Bon appetite!

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