467- Mango Strawberry Smoothie / عصير المانجو والفراوله

Today’s episode is about smoothies. We are going to make smoothies like you have never had them before: two colors in one cup, with flavors out of this world!


  • Mangoes
  • Strawberries
  • Orange juice
  • Sugar
  • Mint leaf


Step 1: Prepare The Ingredients
1- First, stand the mangoes on the cutting board vertically and slice one of the largest sides down, turn them around and slice the other large side as well (these are called mango cheeks).
2- Slice the rest of the pulp around the mango seed.
3- Cut through the small mango pieces to separate skin from the pulp. For the mango cheeks, cut parallel slices without cutting the skin, then scoop with a spoon.
4- Remove the strawberries stem and freeze them.
Tip: It is better to use frozen mango and strawberry pieces instead of ice cubes for a better fruity flavors.

Step 2 : Make The Smoothie
1- In a blender, mix the frozen mango pieces, orange juice, and sugar.
2- Serve immediately in tall glasses. Don’t fill up the glasses, leave some space for the strawberry smoothie.
3- Place the strawberry pieces in the blender and mix with orange juice and sugar
4- Top the mango smoothie with the strawberry smoothie. Decorate with a mint leaf and enjoy immediately!