508- Harcha Variations / حرشا متنوعة

Now that you have mastered plain Harcha, you can let your creativity take over and add your own secret ingredients to the dough! Today, let’s make one with grated cheese and another with black olives.


Plain Harcha dough, not cooked
A handful of cured black olives, sliced into small pieces
A handful of grated cheese


Preparing The Harcha Dough: Follow the instructions in the Plain Harcha recipe. Do not cook the harcha.
1- Split the Plain Harcha dough into two. Mix the black olive slices in one portion of the dough and form small balls.

2- For the cheese filling, form small balls with the dough, make a hole in the center of each ball, and fill it with some grated cheese. Then close the hole with the dough around it.
3- Flatten the harcha balls. Place the opening of a cup on the harcha rounds to perfectly shape the edges into a nice circle.

4- Follow the cooking instructions in the Plain Harcha recipe.