448 – Blog – Top 10 Marrakech Street Foods / أفضل 10 أطباق في شوارع مراكش

Looking for street food in Marrakech? This is the place for you: Jemaa-El-Fnaa…  an open-air market buzzing with hundreds of food stalls!  Among all these yummy choices, my top 10 street foods in Jemaa-El-Fna that you must try are…

1- Tanjia
Tanjia is a traditional dish from Marrakech
Lamb or beef placed in a clay urn along with spices and preserved lemons, slow cooked in hot coal overnight for a fall-off-the-bone meat and rich sauce

2- Skewers
Don’t miss the ‘all-dinner’ stalls with meat, chicken, fish, Moroccan salads… and skewers!
Go for the skewers that are grilled to perfection, tender, and juicy.

3- Maakouda
As a side to the skewers, get Maakouda, the fried potato patties with a crunchy outside and soft inside.

4- Harira
Harira is the most popular Moroccan soup especially during Ramadan. Try this piping hot, chunky, yummy soup with our #5.

5- Chebakia
This fried sesame cookie shaped like a flower  is usually served with harira! The honey taste perfectly matches the spicy flavors of the soup.

6- Arrass
If you are feeling adventurous try “Arrass”. These sheep heads are roasted and steamed, served with salt and cumin. It is tastier than it looks!

7- Boubouche
For even more adventure try “Boubouche” the snail soup! The snails are cooked in a broth seasoned with anise, licorice, thyme, and many other herbs Moroccans drink the soup to combat cold and flu!

8- Khodenjal
For more physical energy, try Khodenjal, also known as the “Moroccan Viagra”. This hot tea is made of galangal and tens of other roots and spices. It is brewed in a large tin and served with Sellou, a Moroccan nut pudding.

9- Orange juice
To cool off, get a glass of fresh orange juice. This one is simply, the best orange juice in the world!

10- Mint tea
Don’t leave without sipping a hot, sweet, minty Moroccan tea